Matthew Nash

An Introduction of Sorts

MN circa 1998

A photo by Nicole Haefner, circa 1998.

It’s not as if starting a new project gets any easier for me over time. Sure, I’ve been publishing online at Big Red & Shiny since 2004, and before that in front of a printing press at SAIC churning out pages with ink. Now I tell stories as documentary narratives, and fill the time with provocations on the streets of New York.

Yet, the first post of a new blog is still difficult. What an undertaking… to try to sum up past work without sounding full of yourself. To try to project an air of confidence about the future without setting the bar too high, or guaranteeing failure. No, a first blog post must thread the eye of the needle, intriguing and teasing, a gentle hello before drinks with a wink at what might come later. It is a seduction.

If that is the goal, of course this post is a disaster.

Which leaves me with no other option but the one I use when arriving late at the party, once all the introductions are made and no one much cares who I am. “Hello, I’m Matt. I make stuff, write about art, and occasionally get hit in the crotch. Creatively, that is.”

Leaving this disastrous introductory post behind, I’ll just say that I plan to write about art, history, politics and the things that interest me in life. Maybe some of those things will interest you.

A more recent photo – ©2012 by Sean Collins


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