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Buried History. Literally. —

  My “research” into Boston’s Franklin Park  is pretty haphazard. Sometimes I find an interesting part of the Park, maybe a ruin or a random staircase, and I look into it. Sometimes I find an old picture or postcard online and I try to find where the picture was made. Sometimes I accidentally make connections… […]

Franklin Park: Mapped! —

Do you like my rants about Franklin Park? Do you like maps? Well, then I’ve just put chocolate in your peanut butter because I’ve now added an interactive map that shows the locations in the Park of each of my posts! I whipped this up a few weeks ago but have been remiss in sharing […]

Franklin Park: The Balance Rock —

About a year ago, I called a few hotels in Pennsylvania in an attempt to find a room near Gettysburg for the 150th anniversary of the epic battle of July 1-3, 1863. I couldn’t find a room within 20 miles of the battlefield, and eventually gave up. Which means that this month, thousands and thousands […]

Franklin Park: The Lily Pond —

One of the most memorable features of Franklin Park is Scarboro Pond on the southwestern corner of the Park. Two stone bridges cross it, making for picturesque views. There are herons and geese and ducks on the little islands, and turtles sun themselves on the rocks. It’s hard to believe that the pond is man-made, […]

Franklin Park: More New Friends —

A while ago I wrote about my attempts to find the Lover’s Leap in Franklin Park, which turned out to be much more of a mystery than I expected. Since that post I’ve received a few emails about what I wrote, all positive. Yesterday was no exception: Greetings Mr. Nash! I have had the pleasure […]

Franklin Park: New Friends —

In March, I received and email from a 6th grader named Nick. He said he was working on a school project about Franklin Park and that he’d seen my blog posts about my explorations. He asked if I would join him and his mom on a walk around the park, so we could talk about […]

Franklin Park: Blizzard Views —

With Snowpocalypse 2013 bearing down on New England, my wife Nicole and I decided to take a short walk through the Wilderness part of the park today. The snow was just starting, so we’ll have to go back tomorrow and see how buried things are. Anyway, enjoy a few winter views of Franklin Park. We […]

Franklin Park: Sargent’s Follies —

Inside the Zoo at Franklin Park are two stone towers known as Sargent’s Follies. They look like crumbling remnants of medieval forts, tall and round and slightly menacing. These two towers are the only structures that remain from the farms that were overtaken by Olmsted in the 1880s to make the Park. Follies were a […]