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The Last Reunion —

Last summer, after my film 16 Photographs At Ohrdruf was released, I received a phone call from Ernie Bartels who fought in the war with the 282nd Artillery Battalion. He was a witness to the atrocities of the Ohrdruf camp and we spoke for a while about his experiences and it was amazing to hear […]

Franklin Park: Mapped! —

Do you like my rants about Franklin Park? Do you like maps? Well, then I’ve just put chocolate in your peanut butter because I’ve now added an interactive map that shows the locations in the Park of each of my posts! I whipped this up a few weeks ago but have been remiss in sharing […]

Franklin Park: The Lily Pond —

One of the most memorable features of Franklin Park is Scarboro Pond on the southwestern corner of the Park. Two stone bridges cross it, making for picturesque views. There are herons and geese and ducks on the little islands, and turtles sun themselves on the rocks. It’s hard to believe that the pond is man-made, […]

A Tragedy —

Today my city suffered a tragedy. It’s easy to see these things on the news and to become detached, but tonight watching TV I keep seeing the library I visit weekly, the streets I walk every day and the city skyline that I call home. I don’t know what to say except that my heart […]

Growing up with ‘Nam —

Today, my wife Nicole and I were talking about television and movies from our childhood (a popular topic; we were both born in the mid-1970s) and how pervasive the Vietnam War was in the media. It seemed that there was barely a TV show or movie in which a main character was not a veteran, […]