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Franklin Park: Blizzard Views

At the Williams Street entrance

At the Williams Street entrance

With Snowpocalypse 2013 bearing down on New England, my wife Nicole and I decided to take a short walk through the Wilderness part of the park today. The snow was just starting, so we’ll have to go back tomorrow and see how buried things are. Anyway, enjoy a few winter views of Franklin Park.

The Ellicott Arch

The Ellicott Arch

We didn’t want to venture too far away from home as the wind and snow were picking up, so just before the Ellicott Arch we made a left into the woods and up the 99 Steps.


The first climb of the 99 Steps


A snow-covered placard along the 99 Steps

The Wilderness is still full of damage left by Hurricanes Sandy and Irene, much of which hasn’t been cleaned up. Along the 99 Steps at a resting place, trees are still down around this snow-covered park map.



One of the maps along the 99 Steps


This tree in the Wilderness was uprooted during Hurricane Irene.


Puddingstone boulders in the Wilderness


Looking across Circuit Drive from the Wilderness into the Country Park (and golf course).

We decided to go up Hagborne Hill and exit the park along Glen Road. Not far from that park exit is the great bakery Canto 6 and it was time for lunch!


Steps up to Hagborne Hill


One of the balancing rocks on Hagborne Hill


Picnic area on Hagborne Hill


A weather-worn sign


The original Glen Lane

We arrived home a little chilly but with a bag of sandwiches and baked goods. Snow is still falling as I write, and the news is predicting that we’ll have a bigger storm than ’78. So hopefully more pictures tomorrow — with dramatically different views!

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