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Long Lost Vinyl Is Now Safe & Sound


A little while ago I wrote about a project that my friend Jason and I undertook in 2011 – “Live From 14th Street” – when we staged several live bands on the streets of NY and recorded the whole event live to vinyl. After the project was over, I worked on the video and photos, and assumed that Jason got his hands on the record we made. Well, it turns out that that detail got lost in the mix and it wasn’t until this past weekend, while I was hanging out with Jay working on new projects, that the record arrived.

For a guy who gets stacks of vinyl in the mail every day, he looks pretty excited!

Here’s a link to Jason’s 2011 post about the  making of the record.


Alex De Turk of Masterdisk, the engineer who created the vinyl recording, plays the record in a park on 14th Street & 10th Avenue in NYC.

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