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I have known Jason Dean Egan for 21 years, and for all the time I’ve known him he has been obsessed with music. In 1992 we formed a punk band that eventually became our creative partnership as Harvey Loves Harvey. Throughout our collaboration, no matter what we are doing, we always make music and listen to records.

Let me describe the JDE experience: you arrive in New York and make your way to Brooklyn where he greets you with a beer and a comfy seat. After that you listen to records for an hour, maybe two. It doesn’t matter if you have plans, if you’re hungry, if you want to get to work on new ideas… nope, that stack of 7″ vinyl must first take a spin on the turntable. Only then, once the records are back in their sleeves, can you get on with your Brooklyn visit.

All of this is a long introduction to the fact that he has a great blog about 7″ vinyl that you should be reading. Since 2005 he has reviewed a new 7″ every day! That is really amazing. Of course not all of the music is everyone’s taste, but if you love vinyl and/or new music then you should have him bookmarked:

Back when I taught at Emerson College I once tried to access his blog from a computer lab, only to find it blocked as potential pornography. I remember thinking to myself: “7 inches? How modest.”

Go to his blog. Get a small taste of the JDE experience by listening to new music. You’ll thank me.

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